Massage saved my back
Luke Oldmeadow
5 out of 5Star rating
Luke Oldmeadow – March 12, 2017
I was suffering scoliosis and literally it changed after the first session. By the 4 mth session it was gone and I have so much more ease with my back. Working a labouros job I really needed to look after my back. I had been to othe massage therapists but Jeanette was really the one that saved my back. She new exactly what do do to get the change I needed. I could have spent so much time and money searching for other treatments but this was so much quicker and easier.
With her knowledge and abilities in other fields I think Jeanette has the talent that few others have. I recommend this massage for any pain you have as I know that you’ll get dynamic and fast results. I can actually stand 1 inch taller now as my spine has straightened out. I have a lot more ease lifting things. Also I have less tension in my hips and neck now that my back has been fixed.
I highly recommend this!

Amazing results with cacao
Your contribution is amazing Jeanette
I was drinking 3 coffees a day and decided to stop. After that I knew that I was now addressing my addiction. Cacao was the perfect substitute only that coffee was doing detriment to me and cacao was doing good. In the month since I have been drinking cacao I have felt happier, had less back pain at work and slept through the night. I used to wake up 3-4 times and did not get my proper rest. I don’t feel the intense need for coffee and have had more space and ease in my life. I definitely recommend this product and Jeanette’s knowledge about nutrition is spot on.
Luke, 25years, gardener.

Mike Capoli

Age: 32 Starting Weight: 302 pounds New Weight: 267 pounds Weight Lost: 35 pounds

I have way more energy than normal, I’m pumped up, I’m alive, and I’m ready to go. The Money I have saved also, I was not aware of those nasty chemicals that make you addicted. I will be shopping elsewhere Thank You Jeanette you certainly deserve great success for your efforts.


Encountering Jeanette was a start of a new chapter in my young life. Being in Jeanette’s presence was like being in a world full of mystery, positivity and most importantly, personality. Jeanette has given me an opportunity and for me that is a big job that I’m in need to accomplish, it may not be a lot to others but to me it’s a kick start to get me somewhere in life and this is evidence to prove that my journey is just starting. Jeanette welcomed me with a smile, knowing I was nervous she helped me calm down with her techniques of relaxation, telling me to breathe in and out which I thought was a very nice and different gesture to welcome someone like me into their home. She has made a name for herself and I believe Jeanette is about to make great success within the work she is working on, spreading her movement through to as many people as she can. I feel as if I have known her from another time when it comes to sharing a connection of spirituality and indifference, saying this with an open mind I can clearly state that meeting Jeanette is a mirror reflection of me, some part of me that I need to work on. With every person who comes in you’re life is just a little reflection of who you are inside. As helpful and understanding as Jeanette was, she made me understand a little bit of who she is. everything about Jeanette is different in a way which most people cannot interpret, like a piece of beautiful art work which is oddly obvious but one that makes you question, why is this artwork so intriguingly strange?, wonderful, fragile? It’s a piece of artwork that makes you feel like you need to question everything about it but the picture does not respond. I am yet to get to know Jeanette a bit more in time and reflect on this journey for it will be one chapter that will surprise the world. ‘not just another weight loss book’ I am eager to read, to know and understand the truth that be holds within, till then I shall return with another review on my thoughts about the book.


Who ever decides to read about this amazing lady… Please read what she has to give & I’m promising you’ll feel more free as life goes by… Be happy, Be healthy… Jeanette Clabassi, Is a very unique individual… A caring soul that has dedicated 16 years of her life To not only help herself but to those around the world to feel special within… Jeanette has gone through so much pain & heartache To get to be that treasured person she is today, A very warm, beautiful nature, optimistic human being.. I’ve only known Jeanette for over three weeks now & so far myself & family by just reading this e~book of hers it’s helped so much to maintain my own weight to a great positive shape… I feel stronger now, more then ever… Physically, Mentally, & emotionally… We think twice about what goes into our body, & we deeply believe others should also.. Jeanette is a bliss to have finally come out of the dark To obtain the light within you all… She’s here to help & the power is yours to fulfill those answers The easy way… Been in her presence is a wonder She’s an inspiration to my heart & many more.. She’s determined to fight for what’s right to help the world become a better place If one soul can do so, Surely it’s not hard to join alongside Jeanette & cure each other Our nations, our cultures, & our futures… Everything is possible =))

Colin Aerospace Training Chief Pilot

I enjoyed reading your book and found that I was reminded as to why I changed to vegetarianism those many years ago. It reminded me that our health is always under threat from many vested interests that have profit as their only motive. When I started reading it, I was amazed at the amount of effort and thought you have put into your health and how you are showing concern for the rest of us. Many out there do not have access, or want to have access to this type of material as it would be too much of a challenge to change. I know myself that for me to become a vegetarian I had to change my thought process, rid myself of dependencies and open up my mind to new concepts of health and well being. In one testament you have attempted to provide that guidance and you want to project your message out to the whole world. I found the book to be very much a resume of your personal journey and that while it does retain a ‘raw’ appearance it has great potential to develop beyond where it is at at the moment. Will it bring about a change in the general population around you? Maybe not as you are up against many powerful and establish multinationals that do not have the health interest of the population as their prim objective. How will it bring change? Gradually as people search for alternative lifestyles and answers to the very concepts that you have presented. What would I like to see? I would like to see your testament further developed and expanded to include some of the other really great work that you have been doing. That would take it to a higher level. for me I have regained some of the “lost’ knowledge from many years ago and I have been reconnected with why I went on the quest of a healthy life style for that I am so grateful to you.

Samantha Veterinarian

This book has opened my eyes to the world of food and what we are actually consuming every day. I thank you so much for enlightening me with your book and I cannot fathom how much strength and endurance you have gone through to accomplish such an amazing book. Thank you so much Jeanette Good things are coming your way!


Fantastic Book its help me understand everything I wanted to know. It was simple to follow Well done Jeanette. You are an amazing young lady. I will defiantly be recommending this to everyone I know. Thank You So Much!


I am not a writer, nor do i specialise in reviewing or criticizing anything in that matter. I have read Jeanette’s book and i was surprised to notice i wasn’t so ignorant after all. It’s not actually a book that would take forever too read, its more approachable but not a book that would catch the consumers eye. It’s a book that is hidden away like the context of this we as people seem to denies and shake from. As hard as it is for me to say, i had found no inspiration or motivation from reading this E-book my eyes have already been opened before time itself. although for the average man this book would have an effect of somewhat equivalent to a book that was written from someone well known who knows as much about health and fitness, business and media manipulation. Although my appetite for fast food or in other cases any junkfood in that matter, has somewhat decreased, gathering what i already know and reading this book gave me comfort and confirmation about the nasty reality of business and product marketing. Jeanette has done well for a first time writer, but we should all learn that we have choices to lead our life when it comes to self-image. we all will die one day, one way or another and i say lets enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow, but we should be responsible for our own soul and to take care of it, to appreciate more as a human being. I hope that one day Jeanettes movement or anyone else’s movement for that matter spreads around the world, because one day in our lives we are all going to need it.