Therapeutic Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Weight Loss

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Sensual Therapeutic Session – Lymphatic Drainage for Weight Loss Massage

Feeling light and energetic, or still sluggish after winter? Spring has arrived so a lymphatic system tune-up might be in order.

Come to my private apartment clinic where I will perform a lymphatic drainage massage like no other

Enjoy a full body lymphatic drainage massage to move all the blocked toxin’s and unwater fat within your system.

You will leave relaxed and stress free


30min $60

45 mins $90

60min $120

Shower option available at the end $25 including all natural hygienic products

Extra’s and upgrades can be discussed during service

What is The Lymphatic System
The extraordinary workings of the lymphatic system make blood circulation look simple by comparison. Made up of fine vessels and lymph nodes, this little-known circulation is an important part of the immune system. It quietly goes about its business, filtering out waste and debris, and carrying nutrients to cells.

The lymph nodes do the collection and filtering of waste material from cell fluid, while the lymph vessels return the fluid back to the general circulation. It clears the entire body, stopping excess fluid from lying around in the tissues. It always heads towards the heart.

Unlike the heart, lymph doesn’t have a pump to push it round the body. It relies mainly on our muscular action and body movement to keep the fluid moving. As well, it needs all areas of the body to be in good condition; that means adequate fluid intake, excellent nutrition and high level well-being.
What Goes Wrong
When the lymphatic system doesn’t work efficiently, the tell-tale signs of oedema or tight swollen tissue appear. A common instance is seen after a long-distance air travel: ankles and legs become tight and puffy. It’s due to lack of movement, pressure on lymph vessels from sitting, and the hanging position of the legs. Medical conditions can also be the cause of oedema. But as well, by the end of winter, after too little exercise, too much starchy food, and far too many hot chocolates, our bodies may be pretty sluggish and longing for a fresh start to get that fluid moving.
What is Lymphatic Drainage?
When you intervene and encourage the fluid to drain properly, it’s known as lymphatic drainage. You can jazz up your whole system with a treatment, whether or not you have fluid retention. It can be a stand-alone procedure, or it can be incorporated into a massage treatment.

All treatments are not the same; it depends on the condition being treated, but the aim is always to get the fluid moving out of the tissue and towards the heart.
What Can It Be Used For?
A surprising number of conditions respond to lymphatic drainage. If a medical condition is involved, you should consult your practitioner first:
•Swollen ankles and legs after air travel
•Tight sore breasts – PMT or fibrocystic disease
•Medical conditions – after removal of lymph nodes
•Following cosmetic surgery – liposuction, scar tissue
•Assist in Weight loss and fluid retention and firming

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