Affiliate Program

In order to become an affiliate you need the following:

Not just a website – At The Book Depository we allow you to refer us not only through your website but via other methods such as social media networks, e-mails, blogs and forums. Any manipulation of the affiliate programme including, but not limited to, cookie stuffing, the use of traffic exchanges, spam, trademark PPC bidding will result in your permanent removal from this programme.

Traffic – As an effective affiliate you need access to potential customers, who might buy through one of the links that you’ll generate. This could be through various different routes, for example your own website, social media accounts, the e-mails you send, the online forum you post on.

Becoming a Onepure affiliate won’t cost you a thing – there is no setup or monthly charges. We pay you a commission on the sales you generate via your affiliate link. So Sign Up and start promoting to The Onepure today.
Once you are approved on to the programme you are automatically assigned an affiliate number. Your Referral ID is how we identify you and is present at the end of all affiliate links eg:

As the affiliate system has real-time tracking all sales that come through via your link will instantly track in your Affiliate Panel under reports – you can keep track of your performance.

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