I am Onepure World

Miss JC - The Cacao Girl - Founder Onepure World

My Vision Is to help restore our world to a better environment and state of health by promoting companies that provide chemical free products as well as local markets. I am a Small Voice that wants to make a difference in your life and raise much need awareness based on my very own experience, education and natural abilities. FOLLOW MY MOVEMENT Miss Clabassi is a true Renaissance woman, she is eclectic and has a true passion for knowledge this always making her open to possibilities in all aspects of her life, she is multi faceted and naturally talented and gifted, this has led Jeanette to lead a full life of dedication in the things that are most important to her. Between her multi talented nature which has allowed her to enjoy and experience her artistic creative and inventing side to now being the proud founder of all natural Cacao products and pure herbal cures “Onepure”. Miss Clabassi sits on a Number Companies as a Board of Director. Miss Clabassi has donned many hats throughout her successful career with her vivacious, ambitious and warm nature, she is a Influencer, Public Figure and entertainer, she’s lent her talents on stage and screen as actor, dancer and model. She has studied in Cecchetti Ballet and has trained with the Australian Ballet, Jillian Fitzgerald, Tony Bartuccio and has been dancing for more than 37 years and has entertained all over the world Miss Clabassi is educated and has studied in Philosophy Parapsychology , She has a physic development, Advance Masters in Alternative Medicine and Nutritional Science degree as well as in Meditation, Yoga, Massage, NLP and Hypnotherapy . She is a member of the International Association of NLP and Coaching and also the complementary Medical Association. Now, with more than 25 years of nutrition experience, she is helping others reach their weight loss goals and achieve optimum health through mentoring, meditation, healing, yoga, hypnotherapy and many other modalities together with her line of high quality Onepure Cacao and Organic herbal products. Private and group Consultation are available. Onepure has been named the Rolls Royce of Cacao products, Miss Clabassi's Cacao Bean Nibs and Powder are completely unlike competitive products out there. While most use readily available Cacao from Mexico, Onepure Organic Range are formulated using the highest quality cacao imported from Peru—known for its high concentrate of antioxidant power and all cancer fighter and they are 100% non irritated. They continue to gain popularity among celebrities, including Tony Edwards of Holden’s Super Cars, and have helped many shed unwanted pounds quickly. Jeff Fenech and Sam Soliman are embarking the Onepure Organic. Miss Clabassi has also formulated a weight loss friendly Desert range called Poise .Onepure Organics is now set to hit the global markets. To compliment the effects of her Cacao supplements, recently released some healthful recipes from her book, How to Stop Dieting and Lose Weight in 21 Days and Super foods for Weight Loss Cacao. In line with her master meditation and spiritual knowledge, she also offers a downloadable hypnosis track through her website and YouTube called The Bucket. To contact, purchase or for further information please go to onepure.net or follow the face book pages links